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Emotional Mastery For Women Physicians

I empower women physicians  to uplevel their mindset, mood and relationships so they can live a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Live a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

This is a 12 week, personalized 1:1 coaching experience for women physicians who are tired of feeling unfulfilled despite their success, and are ready to cultivate more positive emotion, relationship satisfaction, self-compassion and self-empowering beliefs, so they can live lives that are not only successful on the outside, but also feel amazing on the inside.

I believe that knowing how to master your mindset, emotions and relationships is the key to creating a life that is empowered, fulfilling and successful, both inside and out.

I created this program to make many of the same powerful tools I’ve used to help countless individuals through their personal challenges, available to my colleagues in medicine in a supportive, approachable, non-stigmatizing format.

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“Life’s biggest tragedy is not failing to achieve it all. The biggest tragedy is getting to the end of your life, realizing you had it all, but were never truly happy”

- Dr. Jeannie Lawrence

Do you feel like you're treading water, doing what you can to survive day to day?

Like you're going to work, taking care of the family, doing all the things telling everyone you're "okay" but not really happy or fully enjoying your one precious life?

Do you worry that your stress, exhaustion, mood and old hurts are:

  • Keeping you from being the kind of mom you really want to be

  • Causing disconnection and dissatisfaction in your marriage and close relationships

  • Making it hard for you to show up as the rockstar doctor and woman you know you have the potential to be?

Have you gotten so used to being stressed and unhappy that it seems normal, and like there's no other way to be?

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Friend, there is a better way...

Maybe you've already started looking for solutions. But you're overwhelmed with all the options that promise to help you feel better. You don't know where to start.
Or perhaps you know talking to someone would be so helpful -- But you're worried about stigma and what people might think.
Or you can't seem to find someone who really understands what it is to be a woman a medicine, someone who really gets you.
Maybe you'd love to have support and direction as you journey to your happier, more fulfilled self, but you haven't reached out for help because you feel since you're a doctor and functioning "okay",  you should be able to figure this out on your own.
Perhaps you've already worked with people, a therapist, psychiatrist, coach, or wellness guru, but you're ready for a deeper dive and bigger results in your relationships and sense of well-being.

My Story

Years ago I found myself in a job that left me feeling overworked, under appreciated and powerless. I got to a place where the stress of my job was taking a toll on me physically and in my home life. I became disillusioned with clinical medicine, which I had always previously loved. The hardest part was that I felt unable to talk about how I was feeling. Everyone expected me to have it all together and from the outside, I did. But inside, I knew something needed to change.
Fortunately, I found my way out of that period of burnout. The shift that helped turn things around for me was the realization that I had power. Somewhere in my journey, I had lost touch with that truth, and started to believe that there was nothing I could do about work or the other challenges I faced in daily life. But when I recognized that there were some things I could change, particularly within myself, I found the strength to make some major shifts in my life.

  • I lost 25 pounds after struggling with my weight for over a decade.

  • I found the courage quit my job and started working for myself

  • I regained my passion for medicine and was able to continue in clinical work with new passion

  • I improved my closest relationships

  • I learned how to navigate challenges and conflict with ease 

  • Internally I felt calmer happier and more in control

  • I tapped into creative passions I had put aside for years — writing and singing. I started a blog and started singing again just because it was fun

My Why

In 2020, excited about the positive changes in my life, I started a blog sharing my insights on emotional health and personal growth. COVID hit around the same time, and like everyone, I was spending more time online as in-person interactions become limited. Online, I started joining various physician groups, and started to see that many women physicians were as I had years ago -- exhausted, overwhelmed, unappreciated, stressed out, and powerless. The stress of  balancing medicine with the many hats of womanhood was compounded by the advent of COVID and pushing many to their limits. I realized I had something I could share, and who needed it most - women physicians.

Between writing and connecting with other women in medicine...

  • I stumbled across my purpose - to help women physicians access support they need to be healthy, happy and whole, and

  • I started my own business, a niche private practice offering clinical and coaching services just for women physicians

  • I started living the dreams I’ve had for years to become an entrepreneur, share my voice through writing, start a private practice, work from home and create a life I don’t need a vacation from

  • I began living the happy, fulfilled life I had always dreamed of

This program is for you if:

  • Despite your professional success, you’re still left wondering “Is this it?” because deep down you don’t feel as happy or fulfilled as you imagined you would be when you got here.

  • You feel disconnected or dissatisfied in your marriage or relationship and want more closeness, connection and communication.

  • You feel like you’re not reaching goals or following your dreams because of fear, self-doubt, perfectionism, feeling like an imposter, or other self-limiting emotions and beliefs.

  • You’re constantly working to achieve more — more education, certification, validation, etc —but despite your achievements, you never feel like it’s enough.

  • You sometimes get “stuck” in negative emotions that you want to break free from but cannot (for example, remaining angry for days or weeks after an argument, or ruminating and anxious for days or weeks after an embarrassing encounter)

  • You feel like you haven’t been showing up as your best self when it comes to your role as mom, doctor, wife, partner, etc.

  • You like the idea of doing self-help and personal development work, and you LOVE the idea of having 1:1 support from someone who gets you and can accelerate your results through the process. 

Completing this course will give you:

  • Clarity around your current challenges

  • Confidence and tools to improve your mood, mindset and relationships even in the face of challenges

  • Easy to use tools and skills you can continue to use long after our work together is over, to maintain your results and further your progress

  • Safe space and empathic 1:1 support so you can process your thoughts and feelings, and be heard, validated, and understood.

Imagine a future after we work together...

  • Waking up energized, optimistic and ready to take on the day, confident that you can manage whatever life throws at you without spiraling or sinking into negative emotion

  • Being proud of the way you show up as a mom to your kids because you finally have the energy to play with them, the bandwidth to listen to them, and patience to parent them at your highest level

  • Knowing exactly what to do to bring more connection and happiness in your marriage or closest relationships -- even if there's been arguing, strife and disconnection before.

  • Being able to bring your full clarity, focus and confidence to executing your big dreams because you're no longer burdened by self-defeating beliefs, negative thoughts and a rollercoaster of difficult emotions

  • Finally feeling like you have time to pursue what’s truly most important to you, instead of being pulled in a million directions and never having time for yourself or your dreams

All of this is possible for you, and so much more.

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“Dr. Jeannie took the time to make sure she understood each of my circumstances. I liked the way she let me choose what I wanted to work on, including starting on reflecting more about my current work circumstances and how that may affect how I feel when I go to work and recognizing all the changes I've experienced.  She was VERY encouraging and empathized well when I shared my struggles and hardships, and recognized when I made progress.”

What you get

What you get:

Discovery session 

Customized action plan to address your specific concerns

Weekly 1:1 coaching calls

Private podcast with audio lessons and homework to help you learn and apply new concepts

Access between appointments for questions and support

Topics covered include:

  • Clarifying your values

  • Building emotional awareness 

  • Building closeness and connection in your relationships

  • Secrets of excellent communication

  • Acceptance

  • My 5 step framework for processing difficult emotions and breaking out of a bad mood

  • Healing: going beyond just coping

  • Creating self-empowering beliefs 

  • Getting unstuck and taking massive action

  • Preventing setbacks

…and more

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"Dr. Jeannie was like a window into my life who patiently peeled back layer by layer and exposed thoughts I didn't even know were present."

“Wow! Dr. Jeannie is amazing and I encourage any female physician to work with her. I went into our sessions not thinking I had much to work on, but Dr. Jeannie was like a window into my life who patiently peeled back layer by layer and exposed thoughts I  didn't even know were present, or were leading me down unproductive paths. She is empathetic and I feel very comfortable discussing the struggles I’m going through, and even struggles I didn’t realize were present until we worked through them. I have been given many new tools that have allowed me to change negative thoughts into [productive] thoughts, and showed me how to be a better communicator to strengthen my closest relationships.”


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Are you ready to start feeling better?

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