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jeannie lawrence

Live a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

I’m a board-certified psychiatrist, therapist, and coach empowering women physicians to live life well.

Getting support shouldn’t have to be hard.

I’m on a mission to break down the barriers between women physicians and the support they need to optimize their mood, mindset, and relationships, so they can lead lives that are not only successful on the outside, but also feel amazing on the inside.

Work with me

Work With Me

jeannie lawrence

Clinical Services

Are you looking for medication management and/or therapy to address a mental health concern?

In my private clinical practice, I offer a unique comprehensive approach to addressing mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, and more. Services include psychiatric assessment, psychotherapy, skill enhancement (coping, emotional processing, etc), and medication management -- all personalized to fit your unique needs.

*This service is limited to residents of NC only at this time.

Coaching Services

Do you want to engage in personal development work to improve your mood, mindset, relationships or habits, without therapy or medications?

Or, are you already working with your own mental health professional, feeling generally stable and looking to develop new skills to enhance your overall well-being?

In my coaching practice, I will guide you through the use of my signature framework and most effective tools to help you navigate everyday challenges and become a master at processing emotions, breaking out of a bad mood, improving communication with people you love, making tough decisions, dealing with unhelpful habits,  shifting self-limiting mindsets like perfectionism, and more.

*This service is available to clients worldwide.


“You were phenomenal. I feel like you really get it. I really appreciate you.”

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