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I am a board-certified psychiatrist, therapist, writer, and advocate for physicians’ wellness and empowerment.

I started this practice out of a desire to support my colleagues in medicine by addressing the epidemic of quiet suffering in our community.

While those outside of medicine often imagine the lives of physicians as perfectly successful and put-together, the truth is that many physicians are struggling to varying degrees with the natural consequences of working extremely hard in a system that places superhuman demands on doctors, while making support scarce, stigmatized, and difficult to attain. Depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and burnout are rising and suicide rates among women physicians are 130% higher than among non-physicians.


The time for change is now.

jeannie lawrence

I believe that when physicians have the support, time, space and tools they need to thrive, the whole world benefits.

I am grateful everyday to be in community with and benefit from the brilliance of women physicians who are changing medicine and the world for the better. My mission is to break down the barriers that keep physicians from thriving, and make emotional health and wellness accessible and effective. I believe that when physicians are healthy and whole, there is no limit to what we can do.

My Approach

When you’re starting your journey to better emotional well-being, it can be tough to know where to start and who to partner with for support and guidance along the way.


You may be wondering things like: 

  • Should I see a therapist, coach, or psychiatrist? 

  • How do I protect my privacy while seeking support?

  • Do I even need the help of a professional? Or should I try to figure things out on my own?

  • What will people think? Will my job or medical license be affected if I try to get some help?

  • How will I fit this into my life? I’m already so busy.

And if you’ve already tried to get support, you may have noticed or been frustrated by things like:

  • My therapist is not a physician and doesn’t really “get me”.

  • I’ve been in therapy and/or on medications for a long time but am not really seeing change or significant improvement.

  • I have to see multiple people to get the help I need, which is not ideal. My psychiatrist is different from my therapist, and my therapist is different from my coach.

  • I've been in treatment for sometime, but I still don’t really know what to do to  effectively deal with challenges on my own when they arise.

I’ve made it my mission to answer these questions and remove these barriers so that women physicians can more easily access the support they need to thrive.

My approach to mental health and wellness is different from the status quo in several key ways.

Fitness Group

I believe that change and healing are possible for you. 

This may sound like a no-brainer, but in actuality, mental health concerns are often framed as chronic biological conditions over which we have no power. As a physician, I absolutely acknowledge and address the biological determinants of our mental health, but I also emphasize the areas in which we can exercise agency and tap into our innate power to heal by making positive changes in our lifestyles, relationships, and the ways we think about and interact with the circumstances of our lives.

I believe that emotional well-being exists on a continuum. We all have challenges, and you are not broken or defective just because you’re having a tough time right now. Because I’m a psychiatrist, therapist and coach, I work with people at all phases in their emotional health journeys. I can determine what approach would be most helpful for you, and combine elements of therapy, coaching, and medication if needed, to create a powerful plan that meets you exactly where you are. 

My comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach also saves you time, money and the frustration of having to repeat your story and try to connect with multiple professionals.

With me,  you get three mental health and wellness professionals in one.

Just like you wouldn’t see a patient without checking vitals, labs and other objective measures of their health and progress, you shouldn’t see a coach or mental health professional without tracking your progress objectively either. However, in traditional mental health (and coaching) settings, your progress is often not measured.  I  use validated rating tools to objectively track and measure progress at every visit. This ensures you are benefitting from our work together and makes it easy to make tweaks to our plan to get you the best outcomes possible.

If you’ve been in treatment for some time now but still aren’t sure what to do when challenges come about (other than call your therapist),  you may not be getting the kind of tools and skills you need to navigate your emotions, relationships and other ups and downs of life. I help you build skills that will empower you to navigate your challenges during our work together and in the future too.


My goal is not only for you to feel better during sessions, but to continuously get better and stay better for the long run. 

On a Video Call
jeannie lawrence

I take an active approach to your recovery.

While we will examine parts of your past and take plenty of time to process your concerns, we will also emphasize taking action so that you can  make real change in your life.

By providing care virtually and being out of network with insurance, your privacy is prioritized. You don’t have to worry  about running into someone you know while sitting in the waiting room. You can receive care while in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Image by Augustine Wong

The bottom line is that this practice was created specifically with women physicians just like you in mind.

The goal is to reduce the barriers to getting support that physicians encounter, and take the mystery and guesswork out of optimizing your emotional wellbeing. I’ve developed a framework that combines the most powerful evidence-based strategies and tools with lots of empathic support from someone who gets you, so you can start feeling and performing at your best, faster than you thought was possible.

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